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Company presentation
Management team
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Management team

Nordic Biomarker is a Swedish original manufacturer of advanced reagents, calibrators and controls for coagulation analyzers.

Advanced Reagents for Coagulation Analyzers

Nordic Biomarker is a leading European supplier of advanced reagents for coagulation analyzers.

Nordic Biomarker is a Swedish original manufacturer of advanced reagents, calibrators and controls for coagulation and clinical chemistry analyzers and offers products used for a wide range of routine and specialty tests. Our expertise covers all relevant technology areas, and we pride ourselves to being experts when it comes to both immunological, chromogenic as well as clotting assays.

All production is performed in-house at Nordic Biomarker’s facilities in Umeå and Linköping, Sweden. We deliver to OEM-clients around the world for sale under their own brand names as well as to distributors of our portfolio of CE-marked Medirox branded kits. We collaborate closely with our customers to optimize performance on specific instruments and are always happy to provide technical support.

Nordic Biomarker is continuously investing in research and development of new products and will be launching several new assays during the next few years.

With a growing product portfolio of both routine and specialty reagents for the coagulation laboratory, Nordic Biomarker is the ideal collaboration partner for any company seeking to supply the health-care sector with a complete, high quality coagulation/hemostasis reagent package.

Who we are

  • Swedish original manufacturer of advanced reagents, calibrators and controls for coagulation and clinical chemistry analyzers
  • A supplier with a wide portfolio of products for both routine and specialty tests
  • Products are offered both on OEM-basis and as CE-marked kit under the Medirox brand
  • Short lead-times and production against orders for maximized shelf-life
  • Qualified and fast customer support from highly educated staff
  • Continuously on-going research and development and a growing product portfolio
  • Collaboration partner for companies seeking a complete hemostasis reagent package

Our history


Medirox merges with Nordic Biomarker creating a leading supplier of reagents, calibrators, and controls for coagulation diagnostics and our new 2000 sqm custom built, state-of-the-art production facility and Clotting center of excellence opens in Linköping. The vWF:ag immunological assay is launched.


Our new 5000 sqm custom built, state-of-the-art production facility and Immunologic/Chromogenic center of excellence opens in Umeå. The Protein C chromogenic assays is launched.


Our patented product MRX PT DOAC, that we believe has the potential to revolutionize that DOAC testing market, is launched as research use only kit.


Nordic Biomarker acquires Medirox. Medirox, a Swedish leading original manufacturer of clotting and chromogenic reagents adding products like PT Quick, PT Owren, APTT, Fib Clauss, Antithrombin and TT to the group’s product offering.


To meet the interest from the Asia market, after several years of research and development a latex reagent for Fibrin(ogen) Degradation Products (FDP) was released.


Nordic Biomarker released the first Free Protein S assay in the world, available on an OEM-basis.


Nordic Biomarker CE-marked the Red and Blue D-dimer kits. In its strive to supply a wider range of specialty reagents for coagulation analyzers, the R&D-project for a Free Protein S Latex Immunoassay was initiated.


To meet the quality expectations from its OEM-partner’s, Nordic Biomarker had worked from the start to comply with applicable standards and regulatory requirements. This work was now awarded with the first ISO 13485 Certification.


Nordic Biomarker released its first product for sale. This was Red D-dimer, which it is still one of the company’s main products. The successful launch of Red D-dimer gave Nordic Biomarker the confidence to move into a 1200 m2 production facility.


Nordic Biomarker was founded by Dr. Gunnar Pohl and Dr. Göran Aronsson. After several years of experience from the IVD-industry, they had realized a market demand for an independent OEM-supplier of high-quality reagents for coagulation analyzers.

Management team

Rikard Rodén, M. Sc.

Rikard Rodén, M. Sc.


Anna Gimlander, B.S.B.A – E. S.

Anna Gimlander, B.S.B.A – E. S.


Anna Öberg, M. Sc.

Anna Öberg, M. Sc.

Plant Manager Umeå

Eva Göhl, M. Sc.

Eva Göhl, M. Sc.

Plant Manager Linköping

Malin Walfridsson, Ph. D.

Malin Walfridsson, Ph. D.

R&D Manager

Karin Öhman, M. Sc.

Karin Öhman, M. Sc.

Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs Manager

Evelina Hall

Evelina Hall

Sales and Marketing Director


Laborant inom FoU till Nordic Biomarker

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Kvalitetsingenjör till Umeå

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Nordic Biomarker complies with applicable harmonized standards, most notably ISO 13485:2016.

ISO 13485:2016 Certification



FoU-laborant till Nordic Biomarker i Umeå

Vår FoU-avdelning behöver en laborant till! Om du gillar laborativt arbete, life science och Umeå borde du ta en titt på den här annonsen. (Eller kanske vidarebefordra den till någon du känner?)

Läs mer och sök senast 31 december

Kvalitetsingenjör till Nordic Biomarker

Vi behöver en till kvalitetsingenjör i Umeå! Forsknings- och utvecklingsprojekt, IVD och hängivna kollegor – känns det som något för dig? Läs mer om tjänsten här.

Protein C is Now CE-Marked


Nordic Biomarker's Protein C assay is now CE-marked.

Today we celebrate the CE marking of our Protein C assay!

Our Protein C assay is a chromogenic test for quantitative determination of Protein C activity, and can be used as an aid in diagnosis of Protein C deficiency. Protein C deficiencies increases the risk for developing thromboembolic disease.
Learn more: MRX Protein C

We Went to Åre to Reflect – and to Finally Meet!

We all met up in Åre in the Swedish mountains last week. Usually, we are spread out in four different locations, and it was such a boost to see each other ”for real” again. Many of us have only met online for the past year and a half, some of us had never met at all.

During the week, we had time to discuss questions that are central to us right now.
– What is important to us as we are working ever closer together?
– What are we looking forward to?
– What are we worried about?
… and many more.

Of course, we also explored our beautiful autumnal surroundings. Among other things we went for mountain hikes, did some teambuilding orienteering/problem solving, tried zipline and, of course, took lots of photos.

Now we are all back home again, spread out across Sweden, but with an even stronger feeling of belonging.



Meet us at the MEDICA Trade Fair November 15–18

It won’t be quite as usual, but it will happen! November 15–18 we are going to the MEDICA Trade Fair in Düsseldorf to finally meet some of our customers and trade colleagues face to face again.

You will find us in Hall 1, stand B56, where you can come and talk to us about our CE-marked Medorix kits, or about OEM options, or simply to have a ”long time no see” chat. We also have a meeting room at our disposal for the entire fair – send us an email at sales@nordicbiomarker.com and we would be happy to arrange a meeting with you.

Will we see you there?

Medirox and Nordic Biomarker are moving in together


As a part of the merger between Nordic Biomarker and Medirox, we now welcome the Medirox products on to this website. Click on Products in the menu to have a look. Together we are so very proud to offer such a complete portfolio of coagulation reagents, as both CE-marked kits and OEM options. If you have any questions about our merger or our products, feel free to contact us at sales@nordicbiomarker.com.

This calls for a housewarming party!

Orderkoordinator inom Life Science till Nordic Biomarker

Är du riktigt duktig på orderflöden och kommunikation? Har du dessutom en administrativ ådra och ett logistikintresse? Toppen, då kan du vara rätt person för rollen som orderkoordinator hos Nordic Biomarker! Läs mer om tjänsten här.

Nordic Biomarker söker kvalitetsingenjör i Umeå

Vi söker nu dig med erfarenhet inom QA som vill ta nästa steg i karriären och arbeta på ett snabbt växande företag inom life science! Om du vill arbeta i en engagerad och kvalitetsmedveten organisation där du får insyn och är involverad i många delar av företagets verksamhet så kan detta vara tjänsten för dig.

Läs mer och sök tjänsten här.

Nordic Biomarker söker ny forsknings- och utvecklingsingenjör

Är du disputerad och/eller har erfarenhet av att jobba med forskning och utveckling inom Life Science? Det här är en chans för dig att bli en del av ett växande företag som lever efter sina värdeord; Tillsammans, Glöd och Stolthet. Du välkomnas till ett företag som präglas av familjekänsla, goda samarbeten, engagemang bland kollegor och stolthet över produkternas samhällsnytta.

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