Apply for the Gnistspridare grant 2024

Every year, we award the grant Gnistspridare (”spark spreader”) to a person or group who sparks other’s interest in the natural sciences.

If you have any questions or want to adjust something in your application, please send an email to

Deadline for applications is September 30th. We evaluate applications in October.

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Full terms for the Gnistspridare grant 2024
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    If you are representing an association, a company or another group

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    The grant can only be awarded to a person or group that acts in Västerbotten or Östergötland.

    If needed, describe your general activities or the background for the project that you are applying with.

    What do you want to use the grant for? Please describe as detailed as you can.*

    How did your first hear about the Gnistspridare grant?

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    In order to process your application, we need to store the information you submit. Please read the GDPR terms below.


    GDPR terms

    Nordic Biomarker stores your application and the personal or company information you submit until this year’s winners have been announced. Only Nordic Biomarker can acccess your information and we do not share them with anyone without your consent. We use your information to

    • contact you if we need clarifications or additional information
    • inform you if you have won or not

    After that, your application is anonymised and saved for up to 5  years, to be used for statistics and grant development purposes.

    The winners’ personal or company information is stored for up to 5 years. We use this information to

    • pay out the grant
    • contact previous winners for possible participation in marketing efforts.

    If you want to request a copy of the data we have stored about you, change or remove any information, please contact