2021: Our Year in Review

Time flies extra fast when you are having fun, and suddenly the most eventful year in the history of Nordic Biomarker (so far) is coming to an end.

Together, all of us at Nordic Biomarker have been a part of investigating, diagnosing, and treating millions of patients all over the world – a source of both pride and humility in the face of our task. And the fact is, that despite the ongoing pandemic and the big changes we are making in the company, we have managed to yet again exceede our own expectations, and grown our revenue with almost 20%.

Many things have happened this year. We have moved into two new fantastic premises – in Umeå in the beginning of the year, and in Linköping just recently. Our efforts with these complicated, demanding and fun projects have now put us in an excellent position to be able to grow over the coming years as well.

We have also had time to launch new products! The latest addition to our product portfolio is Protein C, a product that is already grabbing attention. Earlier this year, we also released Green D-dimer HC and Blue Free Protein S. It is very inspiring for us to think of all the other products that we will launch in the next few years! Next up is vWF Antigen, a latex immunoassay which can be used as an aid in diagnosis of von Willebrand disease (vWD), which is the most common hereditary bleeding disorder.

Our merger with Medirox is also moving forward. It is challenging work on many levels, but we can’t help but be impressed by what we have achieved together in this year. As a part of getting to know each other better, we went to Åre in the beginning of the autumn, and left with an even greater feeling of ”together”. It is almost hard to believe that we will start delivering to customers as one, united company in the beginning of next year! That felt like a distant vision not that long ago.

This year we have also had the opportunity to welcome a larger number of fantastic new co-workers than ever before. A warm welcome to all of you – we are so glad to have you with us! And a big thank you also to everyone who have made our new colleagues feel welcomed and who have helped them become a part of our operations.

Now we are soon entering a just as exciting and eventful year. Two companies will become one, our new site in Linköping will successively start producing, we will handle CE-markings under IVDR, and we will have yet more new clients, products and colleagues.

We are nowhere near done, so stay tuned.

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