Nordic Biomarker and Medirox to merge in Q1 2022

We are happy to announce that as of Q1 2022 Medirox will merge with Nordic Biomarker. Our company name will remain Nordic Biomarker and we will offer a wider range of OEM products as well as CE-marked Medirox-branded kits. We want to share this information with you already now since we are certain that this merger will generate new opportunities for us to collaborate.

As a result of the merger, Nordic Biomarker will be able to offer a wider range of high-quality reagents, calibrators and controls for coagulation diagnostics, both as CE-marked kits under the Medirox brand and on OEM-basis.

In addition to the immunological assays offered today, Nordic Biomarker will become an original manufacturer of clotting assays (PT Quick, PT Owren, APTT, TT, Fib Clauss as well as the innovative PT DOAC) and chromogenic assays (Antithrombin and Protein C). During Q3 2021, a new version of our website will be launched with information on the new product offering. Keep an eye on Until then, please visit to learn more.

When the merger is complete, Nordic Biomarker will have some 70 employees and a total of 6 800 m2 of production facilities to meet your needs for several years to come. Moreover, the merger will allow us to increase efficiency and build on the strong R&D-tradition from both companies and continue to bring new and innovative products to you.

This merger will not affect how orders and deliveries are managed. All orders shall still be sent to and all deliveries will come from Nordic Biomarker’s facility in Umeå, Sweden. Your sales contact will also remain the same.

We look forward to welcoming the talented Medirox staff and superb Medirox products into the Nordic Biomarker family! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you!
The Nordic Biomarker Team