Immunologic Assays



D-dimer is a clinically proved, high quality reagent for exclusion of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolisms (PE). The reagent has a low cut-off with a high sensitivity. The D-dimer suite includes two different products designed to match different measuring instruments, operating in the blue wavelength range (400–600 nm) or in the red wavelength range (600–800 nm). As there is excellent correlation between each product, any laboratory can standardise their D-dimer reporting across different platforms and receive comparable results regardless of instrument.

Red D-dimer

Red D-dimer is suitable for instruments with optical channels in the range 600–800 nm. That is, most larger coagulation analyzer as well as practically all biochemistry analyzers can run Red D-dimer.

Green D-dimer

Green D-dimer suitable for instruments with optical channels in the range 500–650 nm. STA-instruments and several STA-clones operate at these wavelengths.

Blue D-dimer

Blue D-dimer is suitable for instruments operating at 405 nm, a common wavelength in all coagulation analyzers, and the only choice in many smaller instruments.