White papers


We believe in sharing knowledge. Since we develop and optimize all of our reagents ourselves, we have a lot of knowledge to share. Here is some of it.


Why are They Called Latex Particles?

Latex particles are used in Nordic Biomarker’s products. What are they?

Hemostasis, Thrombosis or Coagulation – What is the Difference?

A short explanation of these different words for those that are new to the subject.


Optical Interferences - and How to Reduce Them

A breif explanation as to why higher wavelengths are preferable in some cases.

Antibody-Specific Interferences - and How to Reduce Them

Pros and cons with expensive addatives and production methods.

How to Test Linearity of an Assay

Calibration curves need not be linear, but the results they deliver should be linear.


What is the Difference etween Blue and Red D-Dimer?

This paper explains when to choose one D-dimer kit or the other.

What is Von Willebrand Factor (vWF) and Von Willebrand Disease (vWD)?

Learn about vWFs role in the body and about von Willebrand’s disease, the most common inherited bleeding disorder.

Protein C and Its Functions

Learn about the functions of protein C in the body, and what happens when it does not work like it is supposed to.

What is Protein S and Protein S Deficiency?

This whitepaper provides you with an overview of protein S: what is free and bound protein S, what functions does protein S have in the body, and what might a deficiency result in?

Why a Free Protein S Assay is the First Choice

There are assays for both free and total protein S on the market. What are their respective characteristics and why is the use of a free protein S assay recommended for screening by international authorities?