The whistleblowing tool can be used by employees as well as non-employees that have a business relationship with Nordic Biomarker, who make observations that may relate to corruption and other serious irregularities. The purpose of the whistleblowing tool is to facilitate reporting of misconduct and to protect the reporting person.

The Whistleblower Law

The so-called whistleblower law (law 2021:890 in the Swedish Code of Statutes, SFS) protects a person who reports misconduct from reprisals.

According to the law, it is important that reported incidents should:

  • have a public interest
  • concern illegal, unethical or inappropriate matters
  • be assumed to be true by the person reporting.

The whistleblower function does not replace the normal internal reporting routines, for instance for HR issues.

What Can be Reported?

”Misconduct” refers to all kinds of neglects and irregularities, regardless of whether they are intentional or made out of negligence. It can also include events that have not yet taken place but are highly likely to, as well as events in the past.

How to Report

Use the reporting tool available at nordicbiomarker.reportofconcern.com. Anonymity is optional and guaranteed.

All issues are forwarded to our external partner Koncept HR, who decides how to proceed. A receipt of confirmation will be sent within 7 days.