Specialty Control becomes a multi control

Nordic Biomarker's Specialty Controls can now be used together with both specialty and routine reagents.

The OEM versions of our Specialty Controls (C3112 and C3113) now include specifications for routine parameters as well. These controls can now be used together with all of the following assays:

  • Antihrombin
  • APTT
  • D-dimer
  • Fib Clauss
  • Free Protein S
  • Protein C
  • PT Owren
  • PT Quick
  • Thrombin Time
  • vWF Antigen

The full specifications are listed in the product sheet, which you can find on the product page.

We are happy to be able to offer this extended array of parameters, as we know it will make the workflow more streamlined for many laboratories. As always, feel free to email sales@nordicbiomarker.com or ask your sales contact if you have any questions.