Company presentation
Company presentation
White papers
White papers
Product Sheets
Product Sheets

We get many questions from our customers, and we like to answer all we can. The list below is a collection of both brief notes and longer articles that we have written as a response to the most common questions.

Company presentation

Here you can download our company presentation.

White papers

Why are they called latex particles?

(2012-01-01) Latex particles are used in Nordic Biomarker’s products. What are they?

Hemostasis, thrombosis or coagulation – what is the difference?

(2012-11-01) A short explanation of these different words for those that are new to the subject.

What is the difference between Blue and Red D-dimer?

(2012-11-02) This paper explains when to choose one D-dimer kit or the other.

Traceability of the Nordic D-dimer Calibrator

(2012-11-28) This paper shows the relation between DDU and FEU, and how Nordic’s kits compare to other manufacturers.

Optical interferences - and how to reduce them

(2012-12-17) A breif explanation as to why higher wavelengths are prefereble in some cases.

Antibody-specific interferences - and how to reduce them

(2012-12-17) Pros and cons with expensive addatives and production methods.

How to the test linearity of an assay

(2013-05-20) Calibration curves need not be linear, but the results they deliver should be linear.

Design of D-dimer Applications

(2018-01-16) This guideline shows you what to think of when you design a D-dimer application on a new instrument.

Product Sheets

Red Free Protein S

Green FDP

Blue D-dimer

Red D-dimer

Blue Free Protein S

Integrity Policy