We are Nordic Biomarker

We develop and manufacture an expanding portfolio of reagents for coagulation diagnostics (clotting tests, chromogenic tests and latex immunoassays). We strive to become the world leaders in safe coagulation diagnostics. Together, we solve problems and take interest in each other’s work. We put a lot of effort into our workspace and company events, to preserve that warm feeling as we grow.

Our products are used

  •  in cases of a suspected blood clot
  •  to assess bleeding tendency before operation
  •  when determining whether a patient has a bleeding disorder
  •  to make sure a patient takes the right amount of anticoagulant
  •  to assess a patient’s risk of thrombosis
  •  in covid-19 care

… and more

Our departments

Production manufacture reagents, controls and calibrators for coagulation diagnostics. Tasks include e.g. lyophilizing products, coupling latex, manufacturing buffers and preparing finished products för delivery.

Research and Development (R&D) develop new products and improve already released products. Work spans from investing the potential of new product ideas to establishing robust methods for large-scale production. Thoroughly test developed products to assure safety for patients and laboratory personnel.

Sales, Marketing and Support (SMS) act as our official representatives. Manage contact with clients and market the company and our products. Make sure our products are adapted to various instruments and provide customer service.

Order and Delivery manage orders from customers and between departments. Are involved in production planning and keep track of output stocks. Handle packaging, book deliveries and manage export matters.

Finance and Administration (FAM) manage our finances, e.g. send and pay invoices, handle payroll and follow out financial performance. Also handle IT related tasks, such as IT support

Quality Control (QC) analyze all products according to established routines. Take part in all phases of the production, testing everything from raw materials to customer-ready products.

Quality Assurance (QA) makes sure that we work according to relevant laws and regulations. Review documents and make sure all products are manufactured according to established routines.

Cell Culturing (mAb) culture hybridoma cells, which produce monoclonal antibodies that are used in our latex immunoassays. The work includes operating advanced culturing systems, large scale protein purification and various protein analyses.


Feel free to contact us at if you want to visit us and see what we are doing on site!


Master thesis

We regularly welcome master thesis students. We are currently interested in a project related to developing monoclonal antibodies that can be used in future latex immunoassays. Feel free to make your own suggestions!

Job openings

We are constantly growing and in need of new colleagues. Find current opportunities at and follow us on LinkedIn for updates. Got a suggestion of your own? Email your CV to